Tomorrows article: 50 shades of abuse

Recently, Ive been hearing a lot of hype from friends who are infatuated by the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy. 

And what’s worse is that they’ve made a film adaption on its glorified S&M content. I mean, this makes tacky erotica novels look like a childrens book.It is pure filth.

I’m now going to finish reading the last chapter of ‘Fifty Shades Darker’, and then consider washing my eyes out with soap and water. I’m ashamed of this terrible act that I’ve committed.

I’m aware that a review on an R rated erotica saga appears completely irrelevant to my blog. But, I’ll be discussing the glorification of abuse and sexual exploitation. People need to know that is content is not okay, it is a relationship of control, not love.

Farewell until tomorrow.

5 ways to be happy without anti-depressants 

Anti depressants are the main ingredient in fuelling our mind with happiness. And sure, they work wonders. But it take months to really feel the impact of positivity in our lives.

So, why not put aside a few minutes to soak in some quality R & R.

1) Start with changing your diet plan.

Remember: we are what we eat, figuratively speaking of course. 

-stock up on superfoods such as goji berries, broccoli, blueberries, dark chocolate and oliy fish. And drink plenty of green tea!

My diet has boosted my ability to get out of bed at ridiculous o’clock and given me that positive kick up the arse that I needed. Not only that, my skin looks glowing so I feel happier about my physical appearance too- extra happy points!

2) Keep yourself busy 

Keeping our mind occupied with plans or things to look forward too focused our concentration on the task in hand. Overting any negative thoughts into positive ones, soon you won’t even have time to worry!

  1. Make a check list of things that need either organising or planning
  2. List those things in order of priority

Try to include a personal goal, such as writing an article or talking to a stranger. Whatever it is, that goal should make you feel positively fulfilled for the day.

3) Excercise 10 minutes each day 

Excercise will release those vital endorphins that stimulates happiness. So, healthy body = healthy mind.

-Commit to a daily routine of squats, or lunges or whatever takes your cardiovascular fancy.

Try to do an excercise that really gets your heart pumping.

soon, it will become as routine as brushing your teeth!

4) spend time with the people that make you the happiest 

The people we hang around with define us more than we think. A person who always looks on the bright side for example, will eventually change our perspective of things we would usually deem negative.

5) Turn any negativity into positivity 

Have you ever heard of happiness being contagious?

Well, it’s no myth. If we reveal our happier selves to our friends, they will more than likely love spending time with you, and if people love spending time with you, then that must mean… 

We become our happier selves more often.

Your smile will work wonders, it’s free isn’t it? 

How to beat the January blues

How is everyone?

I hope Christmas was as merry as possible and that your post-party selves are suffering only mild effects of alcohol binging.

Try not to neglect yourself this month. You have to keep moving forward and not backwards in this January struggle.

But how?

Well, if you think the fun has to stop after the 25th of December, you are wrong.

I was pondering on the idea of a holiday, or just a spontaneous city break this February. I found myself sifting through the Expedia sale in the early hours of New Years Eve. I’ve always wanted to go to California, but how would I afford it? I’m skint! I calculated the cost and I only had meagre £50 and a student overdraft. But then I realised my student loan would be coming through in two weeks and all I knew that if I booked a holiday I would feel so much better. I have something BIG to look forward to. So I booked a two week holiday, in June to Los Angeles, ‘the city of angels’.

I’m absolutely dirt poor, living-off-30p-noodles-broke and I don’t have a worry in the world because I’m going to Cali!!!

I know I’m crazy, and I know it’s not the best advice to book something you can’t afford. But, I will tell you this: plan something that keeps you moving forward into to future.

Christmas isn’t over, the fun isn’t over.
It’s just begun.

Step four: How to help yourself

We often find it easier to help others, but when it comes to helping ourselves we can’t help but feel guilty.

Is it the guilt of self indulgence? Or is it just because we don’t think we need any help?
I thought I’d help myself by starting therapy. I have to say, I feel liberated after my first ever CBT review. I can’t believe I actually liked counselling. I can’t believe I actually booked an appointment for the review. But most importantly, I’m in shock that I took the second step in helping myself.

All it takes is a phone call. Whether you’ve been glaring at the phone for the past ten minutes, or you’re standing outside of the doctors, dubious to even open the door. It only takes thirty seconds of courage to taking that step. You shouldn’t feel like you don’t deserve thirty minutes of a doctors time, they are there to help you, not the other way round.

You can help yourself in other ways too, this is where the self-indulgence part comes in.
Fill up your bath with a cocktail of salts and radox, or whatever floats your boat. Then; relax, indulge and just be selfish for thirty minutes a day (at least). It is possible to put yourself above others and be selfless at the same time, it’s all about finding a reasonable balance between the two. Commit to what you are physically and mentally capable of doing, otherwise you’ll find that you’re helping everyone else but yourself.

You need looking after too!

Sorry for neglecting all of you!

I will be writing another ‘step’ (it’s been so long!) tomorrow. So feast your eyes on the next ‘How to help yourself’.

I have a truck load of uni work to finish beforehand, so for you late-night dwellers, put aside a few minutes around the hours of midnight.

I look forward to your views, likes or comments 🙂

just a random picture from the summer (that I so dearly miss)

just a random picture from the summer (that I so dearly miss)

Portrait of a painful memory

She painted her skin
with the brush of a knife
the fibres so sharp
it could end her life

She looked at her masterpiece
And sighed in a whim
The oozing crimson
Trickled down, past her shin

Then she glared at the lines
that the paintbrush had traced
She’s ashamed of her work
She’s ashamed she resisted
It’s a terrible mess
I told her, it won’t last forever
You’ll be free someday
I promised
She wept
Then she painted one last picture
And away
She swept

I’m starting a new self project

I’m making a serious life choice: to stop drinking full stop.

By the way, I’m not dehydrating myself, I am banning my consumption of alcohol (just to clarify).
I’ve discovered that my mood drastically declines after a night out on the binge, plus the fact that drinking isn’t at all advised when on medication for… You know what.

Tomorrow, I’ll be ditching the two pints of larger, vodka orange doubles and god knows what else, for a full fat coke. If I’m going to get drunk of something, it might as well be the sugar in my highly caffeinated coca cola. If you’re a student in Britain you’ll understand that drinking copious amounts of vodka is part of the student meal plan, I’m going to change that. You don’t need alcohol to have fun, you just need a bunch of friends that keep you in high spirits and a non-alcoholic beverage to make you think that you’re joining in with the surrounding binge drinkers.

Fingers crossed, this will all be a piece of cake.