Does PMS have you feeling Sad & Worthless?

Jacquie Robertson


If you’re a woman and you’ve ever experienced even an ounce of PMS, you know that it sucks—period!  *No pun intended… I won’t sugar coat it or put pink frills on it, like they do in those ridiculously lame tampon commercials.  If you suffer from PMS, life for the week or two leading up to your period can be an absolute nightmare.

But wait- don’t panic, it’s not you, it’s YOUR HORMONES!

It is believed that up to 75% of North American women suffer from PMS, also known as premenstrual syndrome.  When those PMS blues hit they can totally disrupt your daily ability to function and have even been known to destroy relationships in some of the worst cases.  But good news ladies!  You don’t have to accept your painful period fate!  There is so much we can do to help ease the effects of our monthly…

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