4 things to know before you stop taking antidepressants 

As a bid to lead a happier life I’ve decided to quit the happy pills. Ironic, isn’t it? I’ve been feeding my brain with a serotonin feast, and I’m just about sick of relying on these pills in order to lead a happier, depression-free life.

I’m not saying that they don’t work, at first they are a god send! But after nearly two years of being on sertraline (Zoloft) I’m ready to flush the SSRI’s out of my system and make room for the real me.

Here are some golden rules (which I’ve only just discovered myself!)…

1) The doctor is (usually) always right.

Never stop taking antidepressants without telling your doctor 

This could heighten the risk of suicide or self-harming.

The doctor will also put you on the right path by either lowering your dosage or switching you to another medication for the time being.

For me, missing just one day will cause severe ‘brain zaps’ leaving me disoriented and unfit for everyday routines.

2) Ask yourself: are you ready to stop taking antidepressants?

Do you feel you are physiologically dependant on your antidepressants or that you can live without them? 

You will know when you are ready. You won’t feel scared, or frightened to stop. You’ll feel a sense of clarity, that you’re happy enough without them.

I’m sick of feeling numb and not like myself at times, I want to be the person people enjoy being around. I’m happy, so I know the journey will have a light at the end of this all.

3) Tell your friends

Your friends are there to support you, so keep them informed and they might be able to help. 

Friends are the best medicine.

4) Research the withdrawal symptoms of your antidepressants

Some can be short term and others stay in your system for longer.

Antidepressants such as Prozac (fluoxetine) stay in your system for much longer than sertraline, making it sometimes easier to wean off them.


I wish everyone the best of luck!

11 thoughts on “4 things to know before you stop taking antidepressants 

  1. It took me a few times getting off sertraline, but mostly because the docs kept putting me back on for “grief” as I kept losing people. when I put my foot down and said, You cannot medicate grief I will get over it, that was the last time, and it has been several years since I saw the last of the SSRIs. They really have not proof that SSRIs do any more help than HARM, The brain levels of Serotonin in depression are NOT altered until and unless you take antidepressants which wreck havoc,,..But the docs do not tell you this, only the lies about the opposite, until the imbalance caused by the drugs make you crazily dependent on them for real…I speak the truth but the docs willl not admit this usually, You must do your own research. Check out Joanna Moncrieff;s work, a psychiatrist who writes the truth.


    • I agree, the doctors don’t exactly weigh out all the options before suggesting antidepressants but on Monday I finally start CBT, fingers crossed that should be the ticket! Thank you for you comment and I hope everything is okay with you 🙂


  2. I came off quetiapine about 6 weeks ago, I was on a high dosage and just went cold turkey without, I’d advise people to not use my route of stopping but I’ve been so much better since coming off of them!! I think people think they’ll cure their illness but it is only an aid.
    Sorry don’t know why I wrote this comment but I hope you’re doing well now coming off of them!! Sertraline is definitely one of the easiest to wean yourself off of. x


  3. Keep us posted on the progress! I’d love to know what I’m like without the drugs, but it was so bad without the that I had on foot in the grave. Still, I wonder what happened to my personality! Good luck!


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