Tomorrows article: 50 shades of abuse

Recently, Ive been hearing a lot of hype from friends who are infatuated by the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy. 

And what’s worse is that they’ve made a film adaption on its glorified S&M content. I mean, this makes tacky erotica novels look like a childrens book.It is pure filth.

I’m now going to finish reading the last chapter of ‘Fifty Shades Darker’, and then consider washing my eyes out with soap and water. I’m ashamed of this terrible act that I’ve committed.

I’m aware that a review on an R rated erotica saga appears completely irrelevant to my blog. But, I’ll be discussing the glorification of abuse and sexual exploitation. People need to know that is content is not okay, it is a relationship of control, not love.

Farewell until tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Tomorrows article: 50 shades of abuse

  1. Blue290 says:

    I think it’s scarier that people flocked to this movie with expectations and trying to find something to take from it to fill some sad emptiness in their lives. That’s my spin on it. Hopefully common sense will prevail and hack writers will stop getting paid for lackluster trash. One can hope.


    • I agree with you there. It’s also worrying that teens are reading this thinking it is romance and not control. Literature is so influential on young people or anyone for that matter, so the film doesn’t do any favours.
      Thank you so much for the comment 🙂

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  2. Aakansha says:

    I read the first part, “Fifty Shades of Grey” almost 2 years back and did not have the strength to read the second or third. I admire your courage. And I completely agree with what you said above, the content of that book is deeply disconcerting; let alone romantic.

    And the excitement prevalent in teens over this novel and movie is terrifying, really.


  3. I enjoyed the movie, but did not read the books. I think that the topic of dominant and submissive relationships is intriguing when it involves mature sane consensual adults. I understand that it is not for everyone but for the most part people in that lifestyle have existed for years before the book or movie but just like anything new to the mainstream it’s shocking. Consensual role play between sound individuals is not sexual exploitation. However, you are entitled to your own opinions.


  4. Hi Ruth, I admit I bought the Kindle Version of 50 shades of Grey, but got about 30 pp in and became so bored and, “Say what is so “erotic and exciting about this drivel?” that I forgot i was reading it and gave up…” What is it about erotica that so many people do not know how to write it? I mean, I am asexual by propensity, have NO interest in sex, but I’ll betcha I could write something more interesting than that 50 shades book, just knowing what I know about people. Not that I want to, mind you, but just saying!!!

    My best to you. And no reason to write a review of such tripe unless you really want to. It is stuff and nonsense and hasn’t earned your efforts, UNLESS of course you have something worthwhile to say about it, If So, I quite look forward to hearing your very intelligent words on the subject! Thanks so much for being the brave soul to say, The Emperor Has No Clothing!!!!



    • Very true. I was going to focus on the books representation of a relationship between a man and a woman, rather than the S&M that most people are keen to read. I’ve been distracted recently but I should have a sufficient article published by next month 🙂


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