How to beat the January blues

How is everyone?

I hope Christmas was as merry as possible and that your post-party selves are suffering only mild effects of alcohol binging.

Try not to neglect yourself this month. You have to keep moving forward and not backwards in this January struggle.

But how?

Well, if you think the fun has to stop after the 25th of December, you are wrong.

I was pondering on the idea of a holiday, or just a spontaneous city break this February. I found myself sifting through the Expedia sale in the early hours of New Years Eve. I’ve always wanted to go to California, but how would I afford it? I’m skint! I calculated the cost and I only had meagre £50 and a student overdraft. But then I realised my student loan would be coming through in two weeks and all I knew that if I booked a holiday I would feel so much better. I have something BIG to look forward to. So I booked a two week holiday, in June to Los Angeles, ‘the city of angels’.

I’m absolutely dirt poor, living-off-30p-noodles-broke and I don’t have a worry in the world because I’m going to Cali!!!

I know I’m crazy, and I know it’s not the best advice to book something you can’t afford. But, I will tell you this: plan something that keeps you moving forward into to future.

Christmas isn’t over, the fun isn’t over.
It’s just begun.