I’m starting a new self project

I’m making a serious life choice: to stop drinking full stop.

By the way, I’m not dehydrating myself, I am banning my consumption of alcohol (just to clarify).
I’ve discovered that my mood drastically declines after a night out on the binge, plus the fact that drinking isn’t at all advised when on medication for… You know what.

Tomorrow, I’ll be ditching the two pints of larger, vodka orange doubles and god knows what else, for a full fat coke. If I’m going to get drunk of something, it might as well be the sugar in my highly caffeinated coca cola. If you’re a student in Britain you’ll understand that drinking copious amounts of vodka is part of the student meal plan, I’m going to change that. You don’t need alcohol to have fun, you just need a bunch of friends that keep you in high spirits and a non-alcoholic beverage to make you think that you’re joining in with the surrounding binge drinkers.

Fingers crossed, this will all be a piece of cake.

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