Get up and go

I don’t think I’ll categorize this one into a step, merely because I’m typing this in a rush and and my thoughts are completely flurried.
I’ve got butterflies in my stomach because it’s my second shift at work (subway, ergh) and I still feel like a little girl getting butterflies over not wanting to go to swimming lessons. When will these nerves ever stop; its small, its meager, it’s a minuscule obstacle of my general anxiety that I face.

6 thoughts on “Get up and go

  1. Whatever you are doing, sweet young woman, make it the most important thing you’ve ever done. You’ll expand your “divinity bubble” to such a degree that you’ll find THE most important things come to you and need YOU! Be the glorious light you actually are! Don’t let your ego or negative self talk dim that light or make you think its not c-o-o-l. You go, Girl, and love your way through this adventure.


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