Getting to know me, Getting to know you.

Here’s a slice of a the truth, a piece of my story that I give to you.
I’m not a psychiatrist or an expert on depression and anxiety I’m a victim. Maybe that does make me an expert on giving you advice?

I’ve been taking sertraline for about six months (I’ve actually lost count) after being diagnosed with mild depression and general anxiety- I still think I’m yet to be diagnosed properly. I felt like a fraud to depression because it was severe enough for people to feel sorry for me. That’s the truth. It’s taken me up until six months ago (or more) to get treated, despite having felt this way since I was fourteen.
Different, weird and ugly were three words I was very familiar with up until this past month when things have finally started to get better. I am still on a waiting list for CBT which will hopefully be the cherry on top of a very emotional year.

To all those who think mild depression is nothing, you are wrong.
It is real and very true.

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